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“And God said ‘Love Your Enemy’, and I obeyed him and loved myself.”

~ Khalil Gibran ~

Earth is crammed with heaven

You don’t attract what you want, you attract what you are

It’s very simple. You have to get rid of the rage. In order to attract the elements that are going to bring you the ability to manifest into your life what you want, you have to let go of your story. We do not manifest what we want, that comes from a place of missing…we manifest what we are. The angels who will guide you throughout your life will only be there for you when they recognize themselves in you. And they cannot recognize themselves in you when you are filled with hatred, bitterness, fear, anxiety, and stress. That means forgiveness for all that has happened and to all the people in your life that have let you down, hurt you, deceived you, broke your heart, left you and so on. You have to let all that go and be love.

Registered Clinical Counsellor, Catlin Landriault

I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor with a Diploma in Transpersonal Psychology. For you, this means that I have a competency based diploma using my own family system as the curriculum and that my practice is licensed, regulated and insured. This gives me an excellent insight into the human dilemma and strong understanding of my own internal struggle and healing process. Any of the processing I would offer my clients I have done myself with much reward. Combined with over 400 hours of practical training and 3 years of academic study with Clearmind International Institute, I feel I am highly qualified to support you in your own journey of self awareness; I fellow journey-woman so to speak who happens to have a strong set of tools to illuminate your struggle and guide you to a more fuller, present life.

Meet Catlin

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Two words that describe Catlin best are, empathetic and intuitive. Catlin saw the places that I needed to open and she gently and skillfully led me to greater awareness. I was able to let go of deep unresolved childhood grief that allowed my heart to open to the possibility of having loving intimate relationships again. I’ve started to write children’s fiction again after 25 years. Thank you, Catlin, for bringing joy and passion back into my life!

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Victoria, BC

Canadian Professional Counsellors Association
Clearmind International Institute

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